Sharp Cloud Portal Office

Connected Business

Good connections inspire great ideas! This is Why business is better with Cloud Portal Office!

What if you could supercharge your business by giving every employee secure on-demand access to every piece of information they need, wherever they are?

You can with Sharp Cloud Portal Office.

Now you can store, share and retrieve all of your digital files – Word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images, videos and anything else you want -  in ‘the cloud’.  But that’s just the start.

Ultimate Flexibility

Sharp’s cloud service frees you to work however you want to. Any subscribed user (you can buy as many subscriptions as you want) can create, access, control and share anything they want directly from an MFP, smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC – or even from a BIG PAD interactive whiteboard.

Cloud Portal Office is completely versatile, massively scalable and thoroughly secure.